How Using A Foldable Music Stand Can Make Performances Better And Life Easier


There are so many different components to playing music. When training from an early age you are usually aware of all of the fundamentals that required to successfully play music at a high level. Playing music at high levels means optimizing all components of your performance. One component that often does not get enough attention is the need for the highest quality music chairs. Old music chairs were very plain and did not come with any options. However, there is a huge amount of options that are available today. One type of music chair that stands above the rest is the foldable music chair. Folding stage platforms have become the most popular type of music chairs on the market. This is because they offer a wide array of advantages that other music chairs do not. Through these advantages, the foldable music chair is able to make your life much easier. To do this though you have to know how to properly use one of these chairs. Below is a tutorial that will help you understand the advantages of these and how to capitalize on them.

Ways Folding Music Stands Help

  • Allows For Better Posture
  • Less Traveling Space Needed
  • Adjustable Seat Angles For Greater Comfort
  • Makes It Easier To See The Note Sheet
  • Cheap Upfront Cost and Cheap Replacement Cost

Allows For Better Posture

One of the most important things when staging platforms is having a good posture. A good posture allows blood to flow more easily around the body. This increase in circulation leads to a higher amount of oxygen reaching the brain. This higher amount of oxygen leads to better cognitive function that translates into higher performance quality.

Less Traveling Space Needed 

One of the hardest parts of playing music and being a musician is transporting equipment from venue to venue. You need a way to minimize the space that your equipment takes up. One way to do this is by buying a foldable music stand. The foldability results in the chair taking up much less space and being easier to transport.

Adjustable Seat Angles For Greater comfort

Everybody is built differently so naturally it is understood that there is no one size fits all piece of equipment. Each person needs something that is slightly more customized to them. Folding chairs for music have adjustable seat angles that help you achieve the best posture in the most comfortable way.

Makes It Easier To See The Note Sheet

There is nothing worse than not being able to see your sheet music. It results in a lot of mistakes and a subpar performance. These chairs are also adjustable when it comes to up and down. So no matter what height you are you can get a perfect view of your music sheet.

Cheap Upfront Cost and Cheap Replacement Cost

These chairs also help you when it comes to your budget. They are incredibly cheap and last a long time. Even after they breakdown after a long time, they are able to be replaced cheaply then as well.