Best private schools

When people hear of best private schools in the UK, the image that comes to mind is a school averaging on $30,000 per year in tuition fees accessible to the society’s financial elite. However, there is a wide range of schools with significantly manageable tuition fees and academically compete with their most pricey counterparts, while still offering the same extra-curricular activities. Besides, apart from having standard fees, some even offer bursaries and scholarships.

The focus will be on five private day schools that feature under $15,000 per year and the schools are spread all over the country.

Kind Edward VI High School for Girls has more than 500 girls and has had outstanding academic excellence for several years. The school is well equipped and a few of its students choose to leave after GCSE. The tuition fee comes to around $11,000 annually.

The Glasgow Academy is a mixed school with a holding capacity of around 680 both boys and girls. In 2015, approximately 67.5% of higher entries gained an A grade. Apart from academics, the school also offers sixth formers with childcare qualifications and home economics. The annual fees if about $11,584 and has several bursary schemes.

The Maynard School founded in 1658 accommodates about 400 girls. The schools balances academics by offering activities such as photography, gym with kick-boxing instructions. Students come as far as 50 miles away and needy students are offered a significant percentage of bursary fees. The annual school fees is about $11,718.

The Manchester Grammar School is a leading boys schools in the UK and offers both International Baccalaureate and A-levels. Their facilities also include a swimming pool, sports hall, and gym. The school’s annual fees averages around $11,730.

St. Helen and St. Katharine school is a girls only school and does not accept anything below 77.8% and is widely known for its diversity in learning programs. The annual school fee is $14,000.