5 Advantages of a LED Music Stand Light For Musical Performances


So many people dream of an aspiring music career. Music is arguably the finest of all arts out there. It is something that so many people are passionate about. Therefore, many people begin a dream that they hope one day ends in fulfillment. When coming up in the music industry you can be critiqued for so many different things. The key to becoming a good musician is through mastering every nuance of the craft until your skills are complete. There is no way to accomplish that and fulfill your potential without the best equipment out there. Other aspiring musicians that you are competing with will have the best of the best equipment. So you need to acquire the best equipment that you can. One piece of equipment that can make a monumental difference is a music stand light. Not just any music stand light, but a LED light. These lights give musicians so many advantages over the rest. Below is a list of 5 advantages that you get from using a sturdy music stand.

Advantages of A LED Music Stand Light

  • Enhanced Note Visibility
  • Does Not Light Up The Rest Of The Room
  • Shines Precisely On Note Sheet
  • Works Without The Use Of Wires
  • Long Battery Life

Enhanced Note Visibility

The most important thing to have when performing is a high visibility of the notes that you are trying to play. A high visibility leads to a better performance and an enhanced ability to carry out those notes. This importance is often times magnified by the fact that you will be performing in a lot of dark places. So having one of these bright lights could mean the difference between a good and bad performance.

Does Not Light Up The Rest Of The Room

When you are performing no place is going to want to have to change the lighting in the building just for you. They want things to remain unchanged while you are performing to give the audience the maximum effect. These lights will allow you to see your note sheet in the darkest of environments.

Shines Precisely On Note Sheet

One big problem with other types of music stand lights is that they cast too broad of a light. This is because, without LED lighting, you have to cover a broader spectrum of light to shine on all of the notes. A led light shines precisely on the notes and only the notes. Therefore, you only need a small spectrum of light to see your notes.

Works Without The Use Of Wires

Many lights need the use of an outlet and wires to power the light. This results in having to transport bulky equipment and having to deal with an electrical mess to get your performance area ready. LED lights are wireless and do not require the use of electricity outlets on stage.

Long Battery Life

Due to the low energy requirement of LED lights, you will not have to worry about constantly recharging your battery or having to worry about it going out mid-performance.