Walther Strong is really strong company

Have you ever been involved in wiping away adhesive residue left by the tape you’ve used? If this is the case, you can use protecting sheets by securing them around the borders. The residue-free adhesives may be purchased from the maker, Walther Strong. Tapes must be inexpensive, simple to use and leave no residue behind. The Walther firm is dedicated and committed to providing you with the solutions you need to make your life easier. Professionals from all walks of life use Walther Strong’s tapes.

What are the product ranges of Walther Strong?

Construction range products

These products meet your demand to the core. The adhesive products are easy to use, durable, and yield perfect results. The major features of construction range products are

Repositionable and easy to tear

Non-butyl and completely UV stable

The tapes are available in different ranges.

Deck tape for example is an excellent one that comes under the construction range. It protects and seals the deck frame thereby preventing the water and moisture rot issues.

Major benefits of Deck tape are

  • Watertight and easy release
  • Air- and smoke-tight and stickiness
  • UV-stable

Modular range products

The major features of modular range products are

Prevents interior and exterior cracking

Quick to apply and cost-effective

Cracking issue is prevented both interiorly and exteriorly

Assembly bonding feature

Acoustic joist tape

This joist tape has the following features

Self-adhesive, wall and floor systems, and has no noises and vibrations.

Arts and crafts range


Interior liquid tape

cleanroom construction tape

Beko@Range Uk product

Smoothing spray

Hydro stop

Joint spatulas

The above varieties of tape products are extremely useful to all customers

The products of Walther Strong company are found in the following sectors. The wide applications are

  • The adhesive products are used for roof installation purposes.
  • Example-Flashing tape, Hydro-stop
  • Loft conversion tasks require strong tapes of the company
  • Premium masking tape is used for decorating purposes
  • In plastering sectors, the products are used

Other applications

  • Tiling
  • bathroom installation
  • Decking installation
  • Renovating doors
  • Installing windows and doors
  • safety and electrical purposes
  • home uses

Why do people select Walther Strong goods or tapes?

Walther Strong’s products are top-notch and world-class in every way. The company’s crew has been active in inventive functions by developing new items that are useful to clients. The research and sales teams are working hard to get regular input from customers. Extensive quality control measures and strict manufacturing policies of the company are strengthening the company products to suit the customer. The company marketing team is making steps and efforts to deliver perfect tapes to fit into the expectations of the customers from all walks of life.

Contacting the company

Do you want to contact the corporate team with any questions or sales projections? The company’s customer care team quickly responds to your inquiries by responding to emails and phone calls. You can clear up your doubts and place your sales order to your liking.