Window Casement

Although casement windows date back to the 17th century, many homeowners in Cambridgeshire are choosing them today because of their simplicity and ease of use. These windows are ideal if you want your home well ventilated. In fact, many people install them in their summer homes because of how well they let in a cool breeze. They are also great if you are looking for a view of the outdoors. There are some areas in the home that are particularly ideal for casement windows.

Places that are hard to reach, such as over the kitchen sink or bathtub are great for casement windows because the window has a handle and is therefore easy to open. Humid rooms are another place that can be greatly improved using casement windows – as mentioned, they let in a cool breeze. Casement windows are ideal for dark rooms too – their design allows more light into any room where they are installed. You can also install a casement window at the staircase landing in order to better ventilate your home. Many facilities for the elderly install casement windows because they are much easier to open than other types of windows and are less likely to get stuck.

When installing casement windows make sure that they open outwards – these window are designed to open like doors, and if they open inwards they will take up room. You should make sure that your windows are energy efficient. This means that you should get double glazing – it makes your home more comfortable as there are no drafts, and it lowers your power bills.

One of the best installers of casement windows in Cambridgeshire is Salmons Bros. Limited. They are able to customize your windows into whatever style you want. They are also fast, so your new windows will be installed in a short time.