Types of Services Provided by Professional PPC Agencies:

PPC( Pay-Per-Click), provides an intriguing way for companies to advertise their products on a variety of websites. These companies are responsible for managing ads on websites like Google, Yahoo, and Facebook. Over the past few years, PPC has grown from just being a way to display advertising to becoming a viable channel that helps businesses get more visitors, increase conversion rates and increase revenue. The primary types of services provided by professional PPC agencies, include:

Lead Generation

A professional PPC company will use PPC campaigns to get their client’s website pages in front of potential customers through landing pages filled with information about the product or service being offered. The job of this agency is then to collect contact information from potential clients for follow-up by their client’s sales team.

Pay-Per-View (PPV)

A professional PPC agency will help its client’s promote their product or service in front of the right audience. Pay-Per-View is when an agency promotes a product on a specific website whose visitors are already targeted by that site. For example, if you sell iPhone cases, your PPC agency Bristol would advertise your products on websites that cater to iPhone users.

Paid Search Management (PSM)

A PSM company helps its client’s achieve better performance with their PPC campaigns. They do this by using advanced statistical and analytical tools to determine what type of phrases potential clients are using to search for information about your product or service. They then use that information to develop the best PPC campaign for their clients.

Competitor Analysis

It examines the client’s competitors to identify opportunities and threats. Pricing varies, but it is usually included in hybrid plans where the agency charges by the hour.

PPC Account Creation

It involves developing and setting up a Google AdWords account for a client. PPC campaigns require effective keyword research and great ad copywriting, which can sometimes be challenging for clients to handle on their own. This service ensures that the campaign goes live as quickly as possible. The rates for this service vary, but it is usually included in hybrid plans.

Ad Creation

It includes generating ads that speak to potential customers with keywords they are searching for on Google. Pricing varies, but agencies will usually leverage their copywriters and outside resources to create the ads at the best possible price. Also, professional PPC agencies can work with multiple different agencies, clients, and advertisers to develop a combination of display and PPC ads that effectively promote their products.

For your business, using these types of services provided by professional PPC agencies can help you get more potential customers on your website and turn them into paying customers. Growing businesses need to take advantage of this service because these agencies have the tools necessary to help you take your business to the next level today!