Opticians in Peterborough

The last time you had an appointment with your optician it didn’t quite go as expected – they rushed you through the process and you didn’t feel like they took the time to understand the particular issues that you have been dealing with. Could it be that you have been using the wrong optician? Many people assume that all opticians are the same. So long as they can give you a prescription and provide eye glasses or contact lenses why should it matter who you see?
It is important to choose your optician carefully. Many of them are not trained – they learn on the job, invest in a few bits of equipment and then open their own practice. They will not be keen to get a full history of their patients because they don’t have much knowledge about anything other than the most common eye problems.
If you treasure your eyes you should take the time to choose an optician who is trained and experienced in the field. Find out where they were trained and how many years they have been on the job.
There are several things that can tell you whether an optician is any good at what they do. How they examine you and the questions that they ask you, and even how they take down your history can tell you whether or not they have formal training. The location of their offices will also tell you a lot – the best ones make sure that they have nice offices that are neat with lots of room for patients and lots of parking space. They will be keen to keep appointments and at the end of each visit they will let you when you should come in again.
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