Norfolk Luxury Self Catering Cottages

Your holiday is important – you take time off once a year so that you can get away from everything and relax. Only one problem though; if you think about it honestly, staying in a hotel is not the most relaxing experience. You have to deal with maids cleaning your room, you have to deal with other guests who take away your privacy, you have to stick to the hotel’s schedule for meals and much more. That is why it is such a great idea to take your holiday in self-catered cottage.

Our luxury holiday homes norfolk are self catered cottages and are an idea that is catching on quick. People are choosing them for so many reasons. Basically, a self-catered cottage is one which is more or less set up like a luxury home. You get your privacy, you prepare your own meals, you can come and go whatever time you like – basically, you have total control. Self-catered holiday cottages can be found all over Europe and they come with many benefits.

•    The most important one is that they offer you all the privacy that you need unlike hotels. They are usually built in such a way that guests don’t get to bump into one another unless they want to.

•    You get to prepare your meals so you can eat whatever you like unlike in a hotel where you are restricted to the menu. They are also healthier – it is unlikely that you will get an upset stomach when you cook for yourself, something which happens all the time in hotels. The ingredients are healthier – you have no idea what a hotel chef is using in his kitchen.

•    Cottages are cheaper than hotels and you get everything you need. If you don’t have a lot of money or you want to save some of your holiday money for shopping the best thing to do is rent a cottage.

•    Self catered cottages have a unique look and feel.

•    Cottages tend to0 be far away from the city centre so there is really no hassle and bustle. They are also very quiet which gives you time to relax.

•    Many cottages in the UK are located near tourist attractions. They also have a lot of other activities that you can take part in such as swimming, fishing, boat tours or even visiting the local pub.