Large Door Mats

Door mats are a common feature in most Cambridge homes. Many homeowners, however, choose the first ones that they come across – there doesn’t seem to be much sense in spending time choosing something that is used to stop debris and dirt from getting into the home. It is important to take time choosing door mats since it is the first thing that people see when they step into your home. The first thing to take into account is size. If you have a large doorway and you buy a small mat it will look out of place and vice versa. Measure the space and then buy a doormat that leaves a few inches of floor on every side.

The material that the doormat is made of also matters. Many are made of a mixture of materials, but with careful shopping you can find large door mats that are made out of natural fibres. These tend to last longer and they come in many different designs. If you find such a vendor you should get in touch with them and ask them if they can custom make your rugs for you – there are some who are happy to get in touch with their suppliers to get you the designs that you want.

Lastly, do not forget that your door mats will have to be cleaned quite frequently especially during wet weather. Choose mats that are easy to clean at home otherwise you may find yourself having to take them to the carpet cleaners often.

One of the most reliable vendors of large door mats in Cambridge is Cutlacks. They have a wide selection of them in tasteful designs and most of them are made out of excellent materials that last a long time.