IT Equipment Leasing

Your new business needs IT equipment and you are not sure whether you should lease or buy – money is a bit tight and you want to be as diligent as possible. Most businesses will find money one way or another and buy all the IT equipment that is needed, but this presents several problems. Not only does it drain important resources that may be needed in other parts of the business, it comes with the additional cost of setup and maintenance, not to mention that broken down equipment can only be written off as a loss to the business.
It is for these reasons that some business owners choose to lease IT equipment. It is a simple process that involves finding a company that leases the equipment and software that you need and signing an agreement with them. They will deliver and set up everything at the agreed upon time and your employees can start work right away. If any equipment or software fails the leasing company will repair it at their own cost, and maintenance is up to them – it has nothing to do with you which allows you to keep running costs low.
The other benefit of leasing equipment is that you don’t have to stretch financial resources too thin – you can get whatever equipment you need to run your business and use whatever money you have to do other things in the business. Over time you will find that you make enough to eventually invest in your own computer equipment.
What is the best company to lease IT equipment from? So long as your business is in or near Cambridge you should talk to Breathe Technology. It is one of the leading IT firms in the area and they have a robust leasing department that has all sorts of equipment and software. You can find out more on their website,