How to Promote Your Music

You have dreamt of being a musician for many years, and you finally have a compilation that you think can sell. Where do you start? Selling new music is tricky business. In fact, lots of people who would otherwise have been great entertainers give up because the process of promotion can be a difficult and frustrating one. The first step, if you want your music o go out to the masses, is to identify a PR firm that you can work with.
While there are many PR firms out there, not many are specialists in music. To find the right one you need to find a company that works with musicians and music brands. They should be able o give you a list of names of artists that they have successfully helped promote in the past. A few of these names should be clients that they have worked with in the last few months.
One of the most effective ways to promote music today is through the internet, so the company that you choose for PR should be highly experienced when it comes to online music promotion. Creating a website for you is an important step but it is a small one – you can have a website but if users cannot find it it serves no purpose. You should be looking for a PR company that can do effective SEO.
They should also be experts at using social media for promotion. Websites like Facebook and Twitter can be powerful tools when used correctly. It takes more than making a few posts and hoping to engage – they have to create profiles that are designed to market exactly what you have to offer to people who are willing to listen to it.
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