Cambridge foundation year

If you are planning to send your son or daughter to study abroad in Cambridge in the UK, it is necessary that they take a 1 year foundation course before they can start their 6th form studies. This prepares them not just for studying in the UK but also living there. They will be introduced to the English language, sports activities and the culture of the English people. As there are so many foundation schools in Cambridge, it can be quite difficult to settle down on which one is best for your child. To help you, we have a list of factors to take into account when you are choosing a foundation school:
• If English is not your child’s first language you should look for a school that has a strong focus on English. The best schools usually require students to attend English lessons in the morning and then other subject courses in the afternoon.
• In addition to English, the school should offer a variety of different subjects that your child can choose from. Usually, the subjects cover mathematic, sciences, business studies, arts and music. Ask to see a list of all the courses.
• You should choose a school that has highly trained and well experienced teachers. In the UK, the best teachers are usually found in boarding schools so that is what you should be focused on. You want to get more information about boarding schools in the UK, take your time to visit our site.
• Your child’s accommodation is important – they should stay in comfortable and private quarters. There are several schools that offer students their own ensuite rooms but if you don’t want to pay for that you can choose a school that has two students in their own ensuite rooms. The boarding quarters should be supervised by a boarding manager at all times. They should get at least 3 meals a day. You can provide your child with money for snacks.
• Your child is a teenager now and they need to explore their talents and strengths. To help them do this you should choose a school that has a range of extracurricular activities such as sports. The best schools also offer excursions on a regular basis to places such as museums and art galleries.
• Choose a school with a strong international focus if you want your child to be exposed to different cultures.
One school that meets this entire criterion is the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies. It has an excellent curriculum, great teachers and very good boarding facilities. Being a student and I recommend you to read this site to find more about best boarding schools in UK