Breathe Rate Sensor

As an avid athlete one of the things that you want to do is keep track of your vitals so that you can know how your body is performing at all times. This is usually done using sensors that are attached to your body while you work out. Traditionally, these sensors are designed to measure temperature and heart rate. These are important measurements – if your temperature spikes during a workout you are in real danger of passing out and even slipping into a coma, while your heart rate tells you whether or not your heart can take the stress that you are putting it under.
Today’s athletes are also keen to keep an eye on their breathing rate. Why is it so important? The answer is simple – it tells you how hard you are working. The harder you work your body the more oxygen your muscles require so the harder you breathe. If you track your breathing rate over time you will see whether or not you have been straining – thus strengthening – your body over time. If you are able to breathe really hard without compromising yourself it means that your heart is quite strong which means that your body is strong too. If, however, you experience problems or stagnation in breathing it could mean that your heart is in trouble and you should seek professional assistance.
There are many different types of breathing rate sensors available today but not all of them are very good. It is up to you to look at reviews of different brands and choose the one that you think will serve you best. Keep in mind that storage capacity and sharability of data matter – you want to be able to keep records and share it to different devices.
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