st francis college enhances your kid’s life further

Arranging education for your kid is a vital task for you as a parent? How have you planned? Yes, admitting your daughter to a world-class school like St. Francis College fulfills your expectations and desire to the core. What is unique about St. Francis College situated in Hertfordshire?

• Day and boarding school for girls aged between 3-18 alone

• Independent school for students who want to grow into a mature individual

• Gives special attention to the children who love both academic and extracurricular activities

• Special care by teachers to develop the kids intellectually

• One on one attention on the college campus

• Excellent atmosphere provided in the school for children to learn

The above features of the college are awesome and unique to you. You can blindly admit your kid in the school considering her future.

Growth of the child

The child is not only given the importance of education, but her spiritual, emotional, and moral development is also nurtured. Each child is monitored by a special educator on the school campus for developing her social responsibility. The boarding and education facilities are top-notch and top of the line. Special care is being given to old girls by the school management. The school management gives a holistic approach to the children for making them a mature individual

What about class education?

The education system is combined with traditional and modern values. The children are given wide exposure to various topics so that they become an intelligent kids. The classroom sessions are handled in a unique way which we see in universities. Yes, they are given open interaction and discussion types of classes. The children can open their mind on any topics and can discuss with teachers. The children can clear their doubts with the teacher at any time. The children are given a lot of exposure to world affairs.

Boarding facilities

The girls can have the boarding facility from age six onwards. The girls are given utmost care and attention by the college authority inside the campus during their stay. The boarding facilities are offered in a flexible way such as daily and weekly. You have got the flexibility to choose the type of boarding for your kid. The kids are given maximum freedom to mingle with teachers and other students freely. An excellent atmosphere and chances for children are available inside the college campus.

Alumni facility

The kids are given world-class get-together sessions inside the college campus. The college management arranges alumni meetings every year by bringing the old students to the college. The session involves a nice exchange of ideas and experiences between old and new students. The present students can learn about their future career, chances outside and challenges they need to face outside from the old students. This meeting enhances the mental growth of the children further.

Do not miss

If you are the parent of a girl child, you should not miss St. Francis College for her education. Contact the administration officials of the college in person, email, and phone for your expectations.