SEO Cambridge

One of the reasons why small Cambridge businesses fail when it comes to SEO is they choose to do it themselves. The owners argue that it is expensive and because there are websites that teach how to do it they can learn and execute. This approach almost never works. If you want your SEO strategy to work it is best to hire a professional and here is why:

• A proper search engine optimisation strategy takes time. Unless you have all day to do SEO you should not try and do it yourself or you will ignore other parts of your business that need your attention.

• A professional understands the ins and outs of SEO. It is a technique that is always changing – Google issues algorithms several times a year and they are complicated. You need to hire someone who is trained in SEO if you want to keep up with every algorithm that is issued.

• You will get results faster if you use a professional. SEO by nature is slow business – it may take you months to get to the first page of search results and that is if you use a professional. If you opt to do it yourself it may take you years if you ever make it. By hiring someone to do SEO for you it ensures that your business starts to profit sooner.

• A professional could come in with new ideas that may transform your website. If you have a great website which doesn’t get you leads it could be that a few tweaks here and there can get you the results that you want.

If you are wondering which professional to hire we suggest that you call A Head in the Cloud. We are a Cambridge based professional company that is focussed on helping small businesses achieve Google domination. You can see details on their website,